Coronavirus (COVID-19)

advice and information

As you are all aware the country is going through a period of dramatic change in order to minimise the threat posed by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The company has been working tirelessly with both governmental and health bodies, thus ensuring suitable measures are taken to protect the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Suspension of Non-Essential Visits

Having taken guidance in relation to minimising the risk posed to residents, staff, and everyone entering the home; we have adopted a policy of restricting visits to essential visitors only.

This means that relatives will only be permitted to visit loved ones who are in receipt of end of life care.

Prior to visiting, relatives will be asked to contact the home manager, who will conduct a screening and a risk assessment.

Please rest assured, we understand the importance of maintaining contact with your loved ones; and the company has set up electronic modes of communication, which will allow relatives to Skype their loved ones. Contact your home manager for further information on how to use this facility.

Home Status

Our workforce has really stepped up to the plate in its fight against this pandemic. The home continues with its robust infection control practices, which, combined with restricted access, will minimise the risk posed by the virus.

All homes continue to be staffed as normal, and, unlike scenes witnessed up and down the country, we have not experienced a shortage of goods. There have been no reported issues with suppliers, and we continue to get deliveries of the goods we need in order to maintain the home.