The Grove

The Grove

The refurbished garden area is very near complete, and the area is looking lovely and bright, especially thanks to all the beautiful donations from you! A lovely group of volunteers have planted three fruit trees in the centre, and the residents have also planted some tomatoes that are getting lots of sun at the moment, so we will hopefully have some home-grown fresh fruit soon!


We have had a lovely month packed with activities and lots of fun trips out. The residents have loved going out for an ice cream and trips to the coast! We are always open to outing ideas so please let us know of anywhere that you think our residents would enjoy!

Our garden is looking lovely with lots of flowers and plants in full bloom. Please feel free to use our outdoor areas during your visits, but please don’t forget hats and suncream as it gets warmer and sunnier! We will soon
be opening the new tearoom by the lounge for visitors. You will be welcome to
use our facilities to make refreshments or yourselves and your loved ones. We
will also have some biscuits. We are very happy to be getting this facility, we
just ask that you clean up after yourselves when you are done.


We were very kindly donated a beautiful bird table in memory of a late resident. We will keep it well topped up with food for the birds and look forward to seeing them all come to rest.